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My biggest passion is definitely traveling. It’s the biggest relax for me and the biggest fan in my wallet. ( 😀 ) Mostly I am visiting an exotic country with a completely different culture. Then I am putting experience I’ve got from my travels into work.

I don’t know when it all started. From my childhood, I traveled for a family vacation a lot. Till I was 6 years old we were traveling around Europe. After I was 6 years old we visited Egypt for the first time and then Tunis… But the real traveling started when I was 12 years old and my parents bought for us (me and my sister) fly ticket to Thailand. And there it is. I fell into some relationship with Asia and I am coming as much as possible. I visited Turkey, United Arab Emirates, India, Sri Lanka, Thailand… And for 2019 I have in my plan China and Vietnam. Even from that moment, I visited Thailand I’ve started more explore Europe. Behind text, there is prepared a small gallery for you.

Even traveling is that reason why I am studying abroad and why I want to do my placement in Asia.