Career – now

What am I doing now? You should be able to click on green letters to get on that creation in my portfolio.

School path

As you might see in the portfolio since I’ve explored cinema4D (3rd year on high school in Czech Republic) I created a lot of stuff. I started with low poly ideas: cities miniatures, animals, rooms and in final a advent calendar. This expirience gave me a knowledge about polygons, how to work with them, how to modify them… Later I started to work on photorealistic church „Kostel stětí sv. Jana Křtitele v Hostivaři“. It was for competition. Actually I didn’t win but again it gave me a lot of knowledge. Mostly it was about optimizing polygons, creating of textures, modeling realistic stuff, working with blueprints…

In my 4th year on high school I have to do graduation project. Everyone was creating documentary film, film with actors or animation film. I didn’t want to just pass. I wanted to get some expirience from that. We were 3. Me ([Director, Script – involuntarily] and all CGI), Petr Němec (Cameraman, Edit and Graphics) and Matyáš Vondrák (Production, Sound and Gaffer). With this team I created a fairytale called „Dveře“ (the Exit) inspired by Minuscules.

I sucessfully submited application and portfolio on University of Portsmouth and now I am here.

Individual path

As I mentioned in section Career plan – Future I don’t want to work in film industry. So simply I was exploring the other features of cinema4D. I played with some renderers as ProRender, Octane or Corona. I played with baking of textures. I played with physic in Cinema4D. And I played with creating of materials.

As the time went I was working for Patrik Auš. He has a furniture company so simply I converted his ideas into 3D program and then sent to Indonesia. Again I had to use my knowlage of blueprints.

When I was creating my graduation project there wasn’t to much craving for any other 3D so I was studying 2D graphic and became a freelance graphic designer. Mostly I was creating logos, banners, leaflets… There was really interesting to observe how something subjective might became objective. There are many rules in 2D graphics…

And now… What am I doing now? If I don’t count my studies I am creating objects to Prepar3D simulator. There I use all my skills. I have to use lowpoly for good optimatization. I have to use real materials. I have to use baking texture knowlage… And last but least I have to study something new. Scipting and understanding the program for simulation for the other side.


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