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Tiger animation

 Tiger Animation After I animated the dog in the first half of the year, I coudn’t imagine to animate something much more difficult, which will be more complex and which will need more patience and longer observation. Animation which will not be based on a fews keyframes. As I want to have powerfull portfolio, […]

Airbus A320-214

I would say that A320 represents the main method for traveling through the air and that is why I chose it as my artefact. Even before I started, I prepared all blueprints and materials, which could be useful later. I built 3 plains and textured them as blueprints. This helps me with modelling a lot […]

VTSG – scenery

>>> Official Site of – Chudoba_Design <<< Full development log 1.0a Improvement (from default version):  – Airport position – Taxiway C – Runway length – Apron size – Runway lightning New objects – Terminal 2 (Still working on) – Lights (with dynamic lightning)   1.1a Improvement – light position New objects – Aircraft containers 1.2a […]


Special RFE event: My own template for division events: Tours

Na Kačabce

Na Kačabce is small local pub in Prague. Their main specialisation are great meals. Banners Leaflet Images that could be used for graphics:

Church of sv. Křtitel in Hostivař

The assignment was clear. Create photo realistic sacred building. I’ve spent about 48 hours together. This has been one of my first big project. The hardest feature on every project is realistic texture. If you do good texture, you don’t have to do much stuff in 3D.