Engagement with industry


Projektmedia (2017 – under CEO Jaroslav Veselý)

I had an oportunity to work for company with long tradition on czech market. This company is creating solutions for education with their “interactive blackboards”. I’ve seen how these blackboards are created, how people interact with them, what’s the mechanism inside, what benefits it brings to schools. Then I helped them with some graphics and photos.
Last day of my placement,  I did 30s advertisement for their MagicBox product.

Česká Televize (2018 – under Tomáš Budinský)

I had an oportunity to look into biggest broadcasting company in Czech Republic. During the week we took a look into broadcasting cars, broadcasting studios, newsroom, color correction studios, sound studios, CGI studios, postproduction studios, virtual studio and into normal studio as well.
The whole week end-up with short test.


XHT-Labs (2019 – under Přemek Truksa)

This is not that much placement as self employement. I had a big cooperation with XHT-Labs and they helped me a lot, when I was creating the scenery of Krabi Int. Airport for Prepar3D. They helped me better optimize my models and their UV. Learned me how to deal with bugs. Showed me many useful things – as there is something like SDK, how can I use it in 3Ds Max…

My own photo exhibitions

Sri Lanka & India

My photos exibition. I learned how to present myself in front of the publicity. There was a lot of time, we’ve spent with preparation of this event and many problems we needed to deal with – for example: booking of the space, sponsors… z alba Srí Lanka (2016) | z alba Indie (2018) 

Interview in newspaper with me:

People are interested in stuff I do and mainly how I present it for public. Most of the paragraphs are about future of computer animation and how we can use VR and AR in education.


Conference was mainly about Cinema4D, its new render and PBR lightning. We’ve seen for example options, how to create 2D stuff in 3D program, or how to easily deal with mock-ups in Illustrator



We were invited as participants in the competition ARTROOM and we had full access to all photoworkshops in the city. Festival was about photography in the city and in the nature.

5th Place in international competition ARTROOM