Career – now

Few things from the past…

Since I’ve explored cinema4D (3rd year on the high school in the Czech Republic) I created a lot of stuff. I started with low poly ideas: cities miniatures, animals, rooms and in final an advent calendar. This experience gave me a knowledge about polygons, how to work with them, how to modify them… Later I started to work onphotorealistic church “Kostel stětí sv. Jana Křtitele v Hostivaři”. It was for a competition. I didn’t win at all but again it gave me a lot of knowledge. Mostly it was about optimizing polygons, creating textures, modelling realistic stuff, working with blueprints…

In my 4th year at high school, I had to do a graduation project. Everyone was creating a documentary film, a film with actors or animation film. I didn’t want to just pass. I wanted to get some experience from that. We were 3. Me ([Director, Script – involuntarily] and all CGI), Petr Němec (Cameraman, Edit and Graphics) and Matyáš Vondrák (Production, Sound and Gaffer). With this team, I created a fairytale called “Dveře” (the Exit) inspired by Minuscules.

What am I doing now?

The school inspires me a lot, I read through the magazines about 3D (3D world and 3D artist) and I am trying to make every idea I found interesting. The process doesn’t end up in the school. In the last few days, I am working at home during the day and the night as well. Right now, I am trying to play with render and its limits – how to optimize models, how to make realistic textures, how to import it correctly to Nuke, and how to create a realistic video, all optimized.

And my self-education isn’t the only thing where I produce 3D models, animations and videos… As I have non-commercial student licences for Nuke and Maya, I can’t be paid for my work. But still, I engage with industry a lot. One of the biggest 3D projects I’ve done was Add-on for flight simulator Prepar3D v4 – Krabi Int. Airport scenery. That was the first time I had an option to work with 3rd party SDK and deal with bugs that revelled after release.

Now I am working mostly on the stuff to school. I am playing with Z-Brush and Mudbox, to create even more advanced models. Also, I am more interested in anatomy. It is so important to know that as I am an animator. I have one non-school project I am dealing with now, but it’s still in the research part. It will be an animation of the eye for educational purposes.

And the last part of my working life is a part-time job in Tesco… Please get me rid of it.


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