Action plan

On this page, you will find information about my skills, programs I’m using, future improvements and goals.



Doesn’t matter if it is model or movement, I need to know everything before I start to do anything from basic shape to anatomy. Only then I will guarantee, that animation or material will be as native as it can be.


Drawing is one of the elements I spend the most time with. It is the most important part of the whole project on begging. Progressive work in shapes helps me move forward in the project and effectively solve for example polygon position. For me, pencil means a shortcut between brain and UI of the 3D program.


In computer animation, photographic skills are so important to me. A good render is based on perfect knowledge of the light. The second good thing about photography is if I need some texture I can simply leave the house and take a photo and then process it into the texture in photoshop.

Knowledge of Art

Knowledge of Art increases the value of my creation. If I can base my work on confirmed theses and assign arguments to the final result, it is more likely to receive public acceptance.

Friendship with computer

My friendship with a computer began a long time ago. I played games, created presentations, developed websites, edited homemade movies, post-processed photos… if I know, how to use the computer, I can create wonderful things and effectively spend time. Within one second I can get an answer for any question and then apply it into my work.


Programs I’m using:


Maya is my core program I am using the most. There are no limits what can I create and I use it for everything. It was easy for me to transfer as I started on Cinema4D and Maya has a similar interface and hotkeys. It is really easy to create anything in Maya – the job is to optime the models for manipulation and rendering. I spend a lot of time playing with the render settings, playing with the materials and UVs, modelling and shading a lot of stuff which can be found in the portfolio, rigging and animating characters, and much more… Maya is a great program on the industry-standard level.


Nuke is a program which helps me to do a thing which will be hard to do in Maya. Basically with Nuke, I put life into images. Using masks I can light better the scene and play more with visual effects and look of the scene. At first, I didn’t understand the Nuke to much, but once I realised I need to know that program better as it is like a photoshop for videos. And it works great.

Adobe Creative Cloud

Adobe is a great low budget option on how to process small parts for Maya and Nuke. Most of the time I have oped at least one program from Adobe Creative Cloud on my desktop.




I am using InDesign and Lightroom as well, but it is mainly for stuff like family photobooks. Most of the programs I learned intuitively by myself by creating some graphic, logos, homemade videos… I was using After Effects as well, but I leave them as I found Nuke much more powerful.

Other Programs I use:


Substance Painter

3Ds Max

Future Improvements

In the future, I would like to better understand python scripts. I would like to learn C# or Java, and then apply it into some game engine – for example: Unreal or Unity… I would like to better understand creating materials. I would like to finish my anatomy lectures and more apply it into my animations. And in overall create more realistic animations and models.

Main goal:

As I said: “I love the idea of using VR and AR in education.” And that’s my main goal. I would like to have a big company with many departments e.g.: for research, for modelling, for animating, for programming… And all these people together will create something which will educate people in all areas.

Other goals: