Action plan

I can not find my girlfriend, but I am able to work with my doctor on the project together.



I have drawn since mine 4 years. I think that paper is start of every success. Comprehensive preparation then facilitates work in the program. Drawing learned me to know perspectivity, to perceive the shadows…


I have done photos since mine 7 years. How to do good photos I realized when I was 15 years old. Photography shows me, how composition works. Light is important as well! Sometimes, nothing is more important than light.

Film making

I know how to edit film since mine 12 years. I was cutting our family videos. On high school I was studying film and television industry for 4 years. I know how to record film, then cut it, then mix sound, …  I specialize in post-process part like editing, coloring, CGI…

Computer animation, 3D graphic & visual effects

That’s what I study these days. All it begun since mine 2 years when I spotted LEGO. I still love LEGO. It’s the best way how to create your own world… And this feature also brings me a computer animation, 3D graphic and visual effects. I love TV cartoons as well which always inspirate me. Computer animation, 3D graphic & visual effects is discipline, where I had to combine all my skills.



Programs I’m using:

It is good to know one program, it is better to know more than one program, it is the best to combine all of them to create something big.


Main goal:

As I said: I love future and I am into new gadgets and stuff like that. So my goal is to participate on 3D visualisations for these projects and create future as well.

Other goals:

  • Buy Elephant – still working on
  • Buy Airplane – still working on
  • Have my own family – still working on
  • Study abroad ✅