After second and third day, I must say, that I have more experience than ever before. I always did some kind of game where player plays as some character, not as “god”.

This is a first time I am doing something like “management game” and I already regret some decisions. First of all I totally regret I don’t use functions as much as I would like to. I would like to improve this into the future projects, as it keeps the code simple, and if the function works well, I don’t need to take care much, what is inside. I just use it.

I don’t know if I regret that I am using 2D pixel art for this game as I was studying 3D mainly and I don’t know 2D to much. It’s not that hard in terms of programming as much as to make the scene full of objects, to the players liking. 

The game will not be as good as the one for the previous game jam, but I am learning more stuff than before. I would like to also try to put the game on mobile, as it runs mainly via click/touch inputs.


Monday 9.8.2021 is here and at 5AM the limitation of Major Game Jam #4 was announced. This time it’s limitation will be “cheating”. It’s my second jam ever, and I’ve already run out of ideas. Luckily my flatmates saved me this time and help me to implement the limitation into Cosmic theme perfectly. Two space programs, where each team copy from the second one.

It is also good to leave a warning here that if anyone wants to play the game without knowing it’s techniques, it’s best time to do now and come back after.

The plan is to do game coding first, then create and implement characters and graphics, and then improve all the experience player has.

I’ve never did game such as this one. The main difference is, that it will be completely driven by buttons on the screen, not with keys on keybord, joystick or anything. With its genre it’ll be something something between towerdefense and Big Pharma.

I chose to start with three characters player can buy. Scientist, Guard and Spy. The scientist is the most expensive one, however he is generating money over time and also a little progress – because he is obviously a scientist. Scientist can’t die. To win this game player must cheat, that’s what there is spy for. Spy is a cheap character, didn’t make money and can die easily. However, he will be able to skip a lot of progress scientist made, if he is sucessfull with his mission. To keep the rules fair, the oponent (in our case computer) can cheat as well. That’s what are the guards here for. Guards can kill oponents spy and slow down progress of the oponent.

In terms of coding, I’ve prepared the simple buttons for the beginning. They can already handle money. I’ve also managed to create simple progress bar. Tommorow I will probably start with some simple game animations and maybe some models and environment.